The Pass (2016) 09 Dec 2016Drama15

The Pass Film 2016 Poster
The Pass Poster


Two young professional soccer players share a hotel room the night before their first big game. Out of nowhere, one kisses the other. This ‘pass’ echoes through the next ten years of both their lives – a decade of fame and failure, secrets and lies, in a sporting world where image is everything.

Cast and Crew

Director(s): Ben A. Williams

Producer(s): Duncan Kenworthy

Starring(s): Russell Tovey, Arinzé Kene, Lisa McGrillis, Nico Mirallegro, Rory J. Saper

Story by: John Donnelly

Screenplay by: John Donnelly

Edited by: Masahiro Hirakubo, Justine Wright

Cinematography: Chris O'Driscoll


EFW Scale: 3.5 3.5/5

Release Date: 09 Dec 2016

Genre(s): Drama

Certification: 15

Language(s): English

Country: United Kingdom

Banner(s) and Studio(s)

Banner / Studio: Toledo Productions

Distributed by: Toledo Productions

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