The People Garden (2016) 12 Sep 2016Drama

The People Garden Film 2016 Poster
The People Garden Poster


Sweetpea (Dree Hemingway) travels to Japan in order to break up with her rocker boyfriend (Fran├žois Arnaud). While there, she discovers that her boyfriend has disappeared while shooting a music video in the Aokigahara forest, a place popularly used as a suicide site, and she begins to suspect he has died.

Cast and Crew

Director(s): Nadia Litz

Producer(s): Coral Aiken, Daniel Bekerman, Jonathan Bronfman

Starring(s): Dree Hemingway, Pamela Anderson, Jai West, Fran├žois Arnaud

Music by: Rob Teehan

Story by: Nadia Litz

Screenplay by: Nadia Litz

Edited by: Simon Ennis

Cinematography: Catherine Lutes


EFW Scale: Not available

Release Date: 12 Sep 2016

Genre(s): Drama

Certification: Not Available

Language(s): English

Country: Canada, Japan

Film Industry: Canadian, Japanese

Banner(s) and Studio(s)

Banner / Studio: Scythia Films, Aiken Heart Films

Distributed by: Pacific Northwest Pictures

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