It Had to Be You (2016) 21 Oct 2016Comedy, RomanceR

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It Had to Be You Poster


Sonia is a neurotic jingle writer who’s always dreamt of a big and exciting life. Surprised by a sudden proposal and subsequent ultimatum from her easy-going boyfriend, Chris, Sonia has to decide whether she’ll join the ranks of her married friends or take a leap and pursue her fantasies. A whimsical romantic comedy that’s raunchy and yet gentle, IT HAD TO BE YOU explores the choices women face today while satirizing cultural expectations of gender and romance.

Cast and Crew

Director(s): Sasha Gordon

Producer(s): Richard Arlook, Rachel Brenna, Benjamin Kruger

Starring(s): Cristin Milioti, Dan Soder, Halley Feiffer, Erica Sweany, Kate Simses, Mark Gessner, Rachel York, Ashley Kate Adams, Mackenzie Dudzik, Danny Deferrari, Scott Eliasoph

Music by: Sasha Gordon

Story by: Levi Abrino, Sasha Gordon

Screenplay by: Levi Abrino, Sasha Gordon

Edited by: Amanda Laws

Cinematography: Bobby Webster


EFW Scale: 3.5 3.5/5

Release Date: 21 Oct 2016

Other Release Date / Place: 21 Oct 2016 / Austin Film Festival

Genre(s): Comedy, Romance

Certification: R

Language(s): English

Country: United States

Film Industry: American

Banner(s) and Studio(s)

Banner / Studio: Vandewater Media

Distributed by: Samuel Goldwyn Films

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