Almost Paris (2017)

Almost Paris Film 2017 Poster
Almost Paris Poster
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In the wake of the mortgage lending crisis, a former banker has to return home in order to get back on his feet. Directed by Domenica Cameron-Scorsese, Almost Paris is a story of resilience and redemption where one can rise up, collaborate and give back to those he loves in ways that are priceless.

Cast and Crew

Director(s): Domenica Cameron-Scorsese

Producer(s): Michael Sorvino, Wally Marzano-Lesnevich

Starring(s): Wally Marzano-Lesnevich, Michael Sorvino, Adrian Martinez, Adam LeFevre, Abigail Hawk, Susan Varon, Teressa Tunney, Joanna P. Adler, Ryan McCarthy

Music by: Jasmin Klinger

Story by: Wally Marzano-Lesnevich

Screenplay by: Wally Marzano-Lesnevich

Edited by: Simon Myers

Cinematography: Will Turner


EFW Scale: Not available

Certification: Not Available

Language(s): English

Country: United States

Film Industry: American

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